Director's Message

Energy is a central component of almost every major challenge and opportunity the world faces today. HKUST ranks amongst the top institutions in its multifaceted energy research, development and education programs, with over 90 cross-campus faculty members working on sustainable energy generation, storage, distribution, energy unitization and efficiency, as well as energy policy.

The HKUST Energy Institute (EI) serves as a multidisciplinary platform for integrating, facilitating and enabling University-wide programs in energy-related research, development and education. EI is a focal point for research in targeted areas of strengths including sustainable energy production (fuel cells, biofuels, hydrogen, photovoltaic, thermoelectric), energy storage (batteries, regenerative fuel cells, super-capacitors), and energy efficiency and conservation (energy efficient buildings, ecotronics). EI is engaging the best and brightest from academia, government and industry to create innovative solutions for current and future energy challenges in Hong Kong, China and beyond.

Our goal is to have cleaner, more efficient and more sustainable energy technologies in 10 years because of the work we do today and in 20 years because of the work our students do tomorrow.


Minhua Shao

Director of HKUST Energy Institute 

Cheong Ying Chan Professor of Energy Engineering and Environment
Chair Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering