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Energy is one of the major challenges we face in the 21st century. Life as we know it is threatened by environmental issues engendered from the continuous use of conventional energy resources which are limited in supply. Tackling energy issues requires a tremendous level of cooperation between the government, industry, research institutes and communities. 

The Energy Institute of HKUST is dedicated in energy-related research and education, aiming to uncover solutions to these challenging issues. Our series of community engagement events aid in this effort, by promoting various initiatives and bringing forth awareness to the community and the general public. 

Your generous support will be seminal in order for us to continuously engage the community and build up the platform of cooperation. Your sponsorship or donation will be used to fund interdisciplinary energy-related research, education projects, as well as community engagement events. Join us in creating the advanced low-carbon technologies of tomorrow and promoting low-carbon communities. 

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