EI Faculty Prof. Haipeng Lu received the 2022 Notional Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) Young Scientists Fund

Prof. Haipeng LU, Assistant Professor in the Department of Chemistry has been awarded the 2022 National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) Young Scientists Fund. This prestigious fund offers support to young academics and encourages them to focus on a self-chosen area for basic research. It helps foster the young scholars with outstanding achievement on the international science frontiers.

Prof. Haipeng LU is awarded for his research project titled Development of highly luminescent chiral hybrid semiconductors. The development of polarized light sources plays an essential role in the modern display industry and future technologies including 3D display, quantum computing and sensing, and information processing. Current materials and approaches that generate polarized light have serious limitations including excessive cost, complex infrastructure, and low sensitivity and resolution. This project is focused on the development of an emerging family of hybrid semiconductors that break the time-reversal symmetry via structural chirality. These materials have the potential to emit high purity of circularly polarized luminescence with high efficiency. This project is to build such a synthetic roadmap for these fascinating materials.

Congratulations to Prof. LU on receiving the 2022 NSFC Young Scientists Fund!

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