Prof. FAN Zhiyong Named a 2023 Optica Fellow

Prof. FAN Zhiyong, Professor of Electronic & Computer Engineering and Chemical & Biological Engineering, was elected a 2023 Fellow of Optica (formerly known as The Optical Society (OSA)) “for outstanding contributions to the development of nanostructure-based novel optoelectronic devices and biomimetic optoelectronics”.

A total of 109 Fellows from 24 countries and regions were elected this year and Prof. Fan is one of the five Fellows from Hong Kong. They are selected based on factors including outstanding contributions to business, education, research, engineering, and service to Optica and its community.

The election process is highly competitive as Fellows can account for no more than 10% of the total membership. The Fellow number elected each year is limited to approximately 0.5% of the current membership total.

Prof. Fan joined HKUST in 2010 after his PhD studies in University of California, Irvine and postdoctoral research in University of California, Berkeley. Over the past years, he has quickly established himself as a renowned scientist with international reputation in the areas of nanomaterials, nanoelectronics, and optoelectronics. He has made exceptional achievements in academic research in terms of journal publications, research grants, postgraduate student supervision, and entrepreneurship. His research focuses on rational design and fabrication of nanostructures, basic understanding of their physical and chemical properties and the utilization of these materials for electronic/optoelectronic device applications. These devices include solar cells, photodetectors, light-emitting diodes and various type of sensors. Highly interdisciplinary in nature, his research involves electrical engineering, materials science and engineering, chemistry, and physics. In addition to the Optica Fellow title, he is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry, UK.

With this new fellow honor, the ECE Department now has six Optica Fellows in its faculty. The other Fellows are Prof. KWOK Hoi-Sing, Prof. Kei May LAU, Prof. Andrew POON, Prof. QU Jianan, and Prof. Patrick YUE.

Founded in 1916, Optica advances optics and photonics worldwide and is dedicated to promoting the generation, application, archiving and dissemination of knowledge in the field.

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